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Thursday, 20 March 2014

picnic w him

Hi Assalamualaikum, adrin here..
just nak share apa aktiviti adrin dengan fit
this month, hee we are so bored cause always date dekat tangga rumah muahaha
but then fit plan goin to sungai congkak and picnic there..
awww i will never forget all that, i was so happy and
i am so in love with him even we are not often dating but it just SO amazing MEMORIES I EVER HAD.
Thanks God, and tak lupa juga he cooked for me a fried rice OMG so sedaaaap bhai.
haha but masa kat sungai tu me and him forgot to buy our drink hahaha
so sampai nak balik baru la beli air haha but motor dia pula tak boleh hidup
hee but is okay its just so cute you know.. hahaha he just so so so cute tau hahaha!
but masa balik boleh pula jumpa ayu hee but ayu came to me and minta maaf..
cause me and ayu ada beberapa masalah and kitaorabg salah faham hahaha..
but its okay, Ayu i love you buddyz.. anddd THE END.

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