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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I miss b so much :')

Hi sayangg, i miss you so muchy babyboy.. like seriously hmm i want to die..
still remember that last nigt you and me just spend time together till 00:00 at cafe infront my casa..
kehidupan di University sangat berbeza berbanding dirumah selama ni..
hee b pun dah start kerja as Officer lagi and im so proud on you sayang, susah senang kita bersama kan?
No matter who you are and not matter how fierce my babyboy, hee sayang know what? baby ikhlas dengan sayang.. i don't mind actually honey :')
marry me, then i'll show you what is HAPPY FAMILY.
i'm so in love with you sayang, you should find the "Fall for you" song and then..... relationship kita nampak hampir sama dengan lirik lagu tu, sayang it just so romantic and cute..
sayang thanks for everything that you have bought for me, like a cute accesory, a music box, a cute bear and everything laa.. sayang awak kena tahu, saya tak sama macam perempuan lain, saya bukan ex awak, kawan awak mahupun ibu awak.. but sayang you should know that i love you and never let you go.
I still remember all the thing you said, they keep me up at night... B i went to sleep last night with a smile because i knew i'd be dreaning of you... but i woke up this morning with smile you weren't a dream, you are mine! :)

See you soon sayangg, i will hugs you tight!


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