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Sunday, 9 October 2016

im dyinggggg

i don't know how to start..... okaaaay first of all Assalamualaikum semua, know what? this feeling is killing me tho. i feel like im not ready yet at the same time i feel like i want it to be fast and wishing that everything is going to be done. im gonna get married!!!
i am so so so scared! i have no idea... know what? im still fat :( what should i do??
my face all still got pimples oily shitttt.. should i go to spa? fuck where can i get all the money then? damn it.. hahaha okay enough mencarut, Ya Allah, aku confuse.. i want to best the best of the best.... i only have another one and a half month.. do you guys thing that i can make it? or its gonna be that easy to become pretty and skinn? shit...know what? now is 06:04am in tha morning and at 11:00am i have a presentation for curriculum approach class the thing ...... i am haven't sleep yet! :(
almost 2weeks i cannot sleep well plus on this 2week i have to pack all my stuff because my parent has already decide that we going to move out from Ampang to Port Dickson. So now you guys know right why am i still cannot sleep and oh shit i still have an assignment that haven't start yet! and and and about the marriage daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn me and fitri haven't buy everything.... Ring?? and all that.... i feel like going to stop here... headaches attact :(

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

counting days...............

Hi korang, harini banyak sangat nak cerita. Okay this 28th aug 2017 ni kitaorang genap 3years. 
im not here talking about that, but actually about our wedding.
macam tak percaya kan? we'll get married sooner.... date? cannot tell :p ill let you guys know okay. wait for it. Do you guys know? in 3years we have fight a lot. tak terkata, tapi salah seorang dari kami kena mengalah kan? but no. Ego kami lagi kuat, tapi hati kami kuat tetap cinta satu sama lain, mistake teach us life. i love him, am i ready to be someone wife? aaahhhhh im scared i cannot be a good wife for him but i am very exited to be with him soon! i cant wait for it anymore. Finally he will be mine forever. Now he still hiring for a job, real job to be with me in our new life. I really hope that dia akan dap[at kerja tu sebaik mungkin. I hope that he will puas hati dengan job yang dia cari. Pity him, don't worry sayang im always with you okay baba? don't you worried about it.
i will wait till you akad nikah and lafaz my name Adrin Nadwaa Binti Abdul Rahim. im with you forever.

Monday, 25 April 2016


I like to talk about my bae, I miss him a lot eventho we meet up everyday.
He's so loving, I memang Sayang dia sangat and I can't  hear of bitchy going to take over him from me. I hate his ex, I hate his past and I can't imagine if her ex and him back together. I'll cry..
Sayang I'll give you all, I'm nothing without you Ba. We'll married right? Don't give me NO I want YES. I trust you but sometime I can't. I also don't know why Sayang. I like you, your style your everything and you just perfect with me. I'm not pretty but I'll pretty for you baba. I'm in love with you everyday!
Don't you know that? I've nothing else. I have no boyfriend I mean friend. I'm not go out with other guy, I stayed at home 24/7 . You can trust me, you know me. Sometimes you play with my phone you keep it, and I don't mind ayang. Take it, hold it, check everything I'm fine with it. But trust me oneday if you go, I won't get back. Cause I'm not like other girl out there. I don't want your money, I want your time to spend with me. I love you baba Sayang.

My best friend❤️

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna share about my bff.
I'll put her picture here one day, cause right now I'm using my phone 😭 and yeah it's very hard to
right and all, but is okay, hey! You know what I'm in hostel right now. Umm its study week so I have no class today and she's going for her company outing. Oh yeah she's working. Who? My bff la lol and yeah where? Hahaha Ikea Kota Damansara. I just woke up and still feel sleepy, cause know what? Omg last night we sing a lot at karaoke and yeah that day I do accompany her shopping damn it so tired. But we feel enjoyed as f. Ahaha perempuan ni crazy, mengada, Comel, Sakai Hahahah but she's the one who cares a lot about me. Aku penat nak continue sleep bye bro

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Best Vacation everrrrr!

Hi dear love, i want to tell the world that im so fcking happy with vacation this birthday present was so amazing. I can even forget every step and move in the vacation. Alright i'll with Langkawi island, the island was so fcking beautiful! im in love with it. We do lot of activities! and one of my favorite activities is island hopping! skycab! 3D rollercoster! buying a lot of chocolate! Swimming at the very beautiful lake call Dayang Bunting! this memory will always in my mind.
After finish all the activities we go to Kedah nothing much we do but we go some history place like a muzium and stuff. Next! we go tooooo Penanggggg! oh yeah! fuck, there's one of my fav place. The penang people are good too and kinda friendly, we'd go to muzium perang , bukit bendera okay done, next is Ipoh fuck i still remember theres no hotel until we go some place got hotel budget, In ipoh also nothing much we do, just go to some place call Gua tempurung and yeah we also go to kellie castle! what a spooky castle, but i can feel the soul. yeah hahaha bitch please. alright, am going to finish this.
Creadit to Papa, mama, Fitri, Mila,Wati, Mija, Zariq, Amir, Achik and lastly Afiq andddd me hahahahah

Saturday, 5 December 2015

A night to remember ♥

Prom night 2015 Armada Hotels, Petaling Jaya.
Hi guys this is my very special days, the dream came!
He made my day, he bought me a dress, he treat me nicest, he appreciate me.
Fitri is the best Boyfriend ever!!
Thank you so much love, i am speechless that day! i was so happy! i feel like wanna die cause i still thing that im dreaming. You are the one who always with me, You make me complete, you make me smile when i have no reason to. When everything in my life is going wrong, i call you and you make everything better. I love you so much, i didn't know what love meant until met you sayang. I hope you want to stay for a long time, cause my hearts like you. You make me feels beautiful, you are there for me when no one else. You accept me for who i am. You are the best thing thats happened to me. I feel in love with you because of the million things you never knew you were doing. Baba, with you, in comfortable. I know i can talk about anything, or sit by your side in complete silence. You see me at my worst, but you only talk about my best. I can be happy about my biggest achievements, but you know my deepest insecurities. Im comfortable with you sayang, and you should know that you means everything to me Muhamad Fitri Sahrul Akman. Another years to create precious memories together,  Another years to discover new thing to enjoy about each other, Another year to strengthen a relationship that define forever. Have i mentioned today how lucky i am to be in love with you ?

Monday, 2 November 2015

Its time to go to bed..

Hello there :*
just want to write something here before sleep. My babyboy is sleeping now, hehe berdengkur je dia, penat bekerja tu. balik je kerja cooked for me and then rest suddenly fall asleep. tu pun sebab kita urut2 kepala dia. he so cute like a baby. i cuddle him all the time. now its my turn to sleep cause i just finish my assignment. i want to hug him right now and kiss my babyboy!
goodnight all, love ya