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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Best Vacation everrrrr!

Hi dear love, i want to tell the world that im so fcking happy with vacation this birthday present was so amazing. I can even forget every step and move in the vacation. Alright i'll with Langkawi island, the island was so fcking beautiful! im in love with it. We do lot of activities! and one of my favorite activities is island hopping! skycab! 3D rollercoster! buying a lot of chocolate! Swimming at the very beautiful lake call Dayang Bunting! this memory will always in my mind.
After finish all the activities we go to Kedah nothing much we do but we go some history place like a muzium and stuff. Next! we go tooooo Penanggggg! oh yeah! fuck, there's one of my fav place. The penang people are good too and kinda friendly, we'd go to muzium perang , bukit bendera okay done, next is Ipoh fuck i still remember theres no hotel until we go some place got hotel budget, In ipoh also nothing much we do, just go to some place call Gua tempurung and yeah we also go to kellie castle! what a spooky castle, but i can feel the soul. yeah hahaha bitch please. alright, am going to finish this.
Creadit to Papa, mama, Fitri, Mila,Wati, Mija, Zariq, Amir, Achik and lastly Afiq andddd me hahahahah

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