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Saturday, 5 December 2015

A night to remember ♥

Prom night 2015 Armada Hotels, Petaling Jaya.
Hi guys this is my very special days, the dream came!
He made my day, he bought me a dress, he treat me nicest, he appreciate me.
Fitri is the best Boyfriend ever!!
Thank you so much love, i am speechless that day! i was so happy! i feel like wanna die cause i still thing that im dreaming. You are the one who always with me, You make me complete, you make me smile when i have no reason to. When everything in my life is going wrong, i call you and you make everything better. I love you so much, i didn't know what love meant until met you sayang. I hope you want to stay for a long time, cause my hearts like you. You make me feels beautiful, you are there for me when no one else. You accept me for who i am. You are the best thing thats happened to me. I feel in love with you because of the million things you never knew you were doing. Baba, with you, in comfortable. I know i can talk about anything, or sit by your side in complete silence. You see me at my worst, but you only talk about my best. I can be happy about my biggest achievements, but you know my deepest insecurities. Im comfortable with you sayang, and you should know that you means everything to me Muhamad Fitri Sahrul Akman. Another years to create precious memories together,  Another years to discover new thing to enjoy about each other, Another year to strengthen a relationship that define forever. Have i mentioned today how lucky i am to be in love with you ?

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