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Monday, 25 April 2016


I like to talk about my bae, I miss him a lot eventho we meet up everyday.
He's so loving, I memang Sayang dia sangat and I can't  hear of bitchy going to take over him from me. I hate his ex, I hate his past and I can't imagine if her ex and him back together. I'll cry..
Sayang I'll give you all, I'm nothing without you Ba. We'll married right? Don't give me NO I want YES. I trust you but sometime I can't. I also don't know why Sayang. I like you, your style your everything and you just perfect with me. I'm not pretty but I'll pretty for you baba. I'm in love with you everyday!
Don't you know that? I've nothing else. I have no boyfriend I mean friend. I'm not go out with other guy, I stayed at home 24/7 . You can trust me, you know me. Sometimes you play with my phone you keep it, and I don't mind ayang. Take it, hold it, check everything I'm fine with it. But trust me oneday if you go, I won't get back. Cause I'm not like other girl out there. I don't want your money, I want your time to spend with me. I love you baba Sayang.

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