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Sunday, 9 October 2016

im dyinggggg

i don't know how to start..... okaaaay first of all Assalamualaikum semua, know what? this feeling is killing me tho. i feel like im not ready yet at the same time i feel like i want it to be fast and wishing that everything is going to be done. im gonna get married!!!
i am so so so scared! i have no idea... know what? im still fat :( what should i do??
my face all still got pimples oily shitttt.. should i go to spa? fuck where can i get all the money then? damn it.. hahaha okay enough mencarut, Ya Allah, aku confuse.. i want to best the best of the best.... i only have another one and a half month.. do you guys thing that i can make it? or its gonna be that easy to become pretty and skinn? shit...know what? now is 06:04am in tha morning and at 11:00am i have a presentation for curriculum approach class the thing ...... i am haven't sleep yet! :(
almost 2weeks i cannot sleep well plus on this 2week i have to pack all my stuff because my parent has already decide that we going to move out from Ampang to Port Dickson. So now you guys know right why am i still cannot sleep and oh shit i still have an assignment that haven't start yet! and and and about the marriage daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn me and fitri haven't buy everything.... Ring?? and all that.... i feel like going to stop here... headaches attact :(


  1. stay strong babe <3 all of these are going to fall into place. love you twinnie <3

    1. i love you so much! rindu macam nak mati! :(