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Monday, 2 November 2015

My Man...

Hi, This is my man. He's so special, i love him with all my heart.
Why? because a lot of thing we had do together. hey, i want you guys to know that i want to be his future wife. Why? i want to take a good care of him, i want to give him a baby girl (Amanda), i want to cook for him, i want to sleep with him, i want to kiss him every morning.
Fitri seorang lelaki yang pandai berdikari, but sometimes i knew that fitri need someone to support him to be with him while him fall down, i knew he need me as well :')
now, he is mine, another 2year to go we'll get married. I promise that i will not let him be sad, i will no flirt with other guy, i will not betray, i will not broke my promises. sayang, mungkin pertama kali kita kenal a lot of mistake that kita buat. Yah baba, maybe that time we're confused a bit. Of course its about kita belum ready nak cari someone to be with us. i heard a lot from your passed and you also hear about mine too. We used to forget all about the passed and start from beginning as well. Bae, you know what for this time i thing i just choose the right one. Yah, maybe we are still not matured enough but soon we will change right? who knows? Just don't give up on us. Sayang mungkin kita selalu gaduh harini, esok dan akan datang. siapa tahu kan? But please jangan buat keputusan terburu-buru untuk break up and sayangg terima kasih cause still with me until now and thanks cause tak pernah ask me for break up or something else. I'm gald to know you baby boy, i wish that God bless us, Hope that ALLAH persatukan hubungan kita secepat yang mungkin. cause one thing sayang i loved your family so much.i rally hope that we will build a Happy Family for oneday InsyaAllah, Aminnn

your baby,

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