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Monday, 2 November 2015


Throwback, Hi gys.
here is my buddys.. bro we susah senang bersama tau. The gold color hair is my twin!
She is Saai Mathy, okay lets talk about her. She is so pretty, cute, sometimes gangster and she so kind person. Why i say that? came on haha i know her well and and..... Dia ni Justin Bieber punya fan no 1 tau! tengok shirt dia pun boleh tahu. hehe dia ni penyayang macam nak mati.. suka help me time susah, suka bagi duit kat orang walaupun sometimes dia pokai. the best thing is! i can borrow her dress and stuff you know. ahaha okay done.
Next, nampak tak yang pakai shirt Segi tu? She is my Booooo!
dia ni rock, crazy, clumsy, love food, and she is pretty and hot af.
i love her so much! dia ni selalu dengar my sad sorry and selalu ada for me no matter what la :')
omg dia ni good in dancing you know! she is korean fans no 1 ! kadang i dengan dia layan movie korea sama2! like we both dying together! hahaha but yeah she also love kpop! her fav kpop singer is E.X.O hehehe dia boleh mati tengok exo especially kai :p and guys don't try to talk bad about kpop. she will cut you! hehe and this is our picture. one of my fav pictures. masa ni we all just finish class and otw to go back to casa but singgah toilet for awhile untuk selfie hahahaha
okay la thats all, now and forever i hope that our friendship will never END. I love you guys so much! and please don't leave me while i down.


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